Virtual Office Hours for Healthcare Professionals

Efficiently Connecting Professionals and Patients

Healthcare professionals need to maximize their time. Finally, there is a tool to connect patients for video call consults, providing the same functions as a physical waiting room. Physicians, pharmaceutical hotlines, and clinics can schedule office hours for live video sessions with their clients and representatives without losing precious time to establishing connections.

Caller QueueTM Makes Connections

Caller Queue is a branded virtual waiting area patients come to when they want to meet with professionals. Physicians, and their administrative help will see who is ready and waiting, what topics patients would like to discuss, and can select patients in any order to video consult with. Because the callers are ready to go, professional time is maximized, Caller Queue makes the connections with one button.

Productivity Tool

Caller Queue is a productivity tool designed to improve patient connections:

  • Visual Connection – Patients and professionals both benefit from a video connection showing body language, specifics about injuries and nuance in sensitive discussions. In many instances, a video call is much more likely to get results than a phone call and sometimes is as effective as an office visit.
  • Instant Access – Because video callers are in queue, the professional is able to move quickly from one client to another, always knowing which patient is ready and what they want to talk about.
  • No Downloads – Clients can use whichever device and video application they are comfortable with. Because no application download is needed, patients are more likely to embrace the video consult process.
  • Branded for Practice – The Caller Queue is branded to match the provider’s practice, making the callers comfortable when they are waiting. Callers may watch informative videos while waiting.
  • Automated Metrics – For those practices who need to measure time spent, metrics for each call session, which could potentially be used for billing, are available.


  • Solo & Group Practitioners, Mental Health professionals, Dermatologists and Physicians renewing prescriptions can all shorten visit times.
  • Hospitals and Clinics
 and Larger institutions benefit by lowering the cost of follow-up visits and health maintenance. Patients are automatically routed to the right professional to assist them.
  • Pharmaceutical
 drug reps reach correct internal experts to review drug effectiveness and interactions visually with Physicians.

Healthcare modules are in Alpha test. We are partnering with professionals now.

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