Efficient Video Connections Between Citizens and the Government

Many of the interactions between citizens and government agencies can be improved or sped up with video connections.  Whether for Veterans Administration, Social Services, Legal Services, or a Politician’s Town Hall, the VCC tools permit efficient use of our civil servants time while enabling the subtle visual cues that make the calls more impactful.

Caller QueueTM Provides Advanced Routing

Caller Queue is a branded virtual calling area citizens and benefit recipients can go to when they need services.  Callers are automatically routed to the departments best able to help them, where a pool of responders can efficiently gain access to the next calls.   Because the callers are queued and ready to go, responder time is used efficiently.  Caller Queue makes the connections with one button.

Features Include:

  • Branded Waiting Room – Citizens connect to a waiting room branded to match the service area or agency they are interested in.  While waiting, callers pre-register with their name, ID# and subject information.
  • Caller Routing – Based upon their responses, callers are routed to the best team to help them.
  • Caller Prioritization – Responders view information about the waiting callers. Prioritization tools permit filtering on name, subject, wait time, etc.
  • Any Application – Calls can be made from any device and use applications already on the device. No downloads are needed.
  • Back to Queue – Callers can be sent back to the Queue to be assigned to another department, or recalled as desired.
  • Optional Video – Callers can watch a video while in the waiting room. This can be information about services or recent policy changes.
  • Automated Metrics – Time spent with each caller is automatically recorded and exportable.
  • No Capital Outlay – Cloud based subscription model.


  • Veterans Administration  – Assist veterans with follow up medical visits, drug plan renewals, and mental health care.
  • Social Services – See first hand environment and living conditions of those needing services.
  • Law Firms – Visual connection with clients, whether local, remote or incarcerated.   Client intake discussions.
  • Town Halls – conduct visual town-halls with constituents.  Participants can be filtered and screened.  Using VCC services broadcast via TV or the Web.

VCC is a US Government approved contractor and Veteran Family owned business.

System for Award Management (SAM) number 052337782