Virtual Office Hours for Educators

Efficiently Connecting Students and Teachers

Teachers are busy people. In addition to lesson plans, grading papers and doing research, they need to be available to students for office hours. Yet the students may not always be available in-person and the teachers may want the freedom to connect when they are away from the office. Thanks to the VCC, teachers can invite students to their virtual office, for safe, private conferences – and still optimize the impact of their time.

Caller QueueTM Makes Connections

Caller Queue is a branded virtual waiting area students come to when they want to meet with their instructors. Educators see who is ready and waiting outside their office, what topics they would like to discuss, and can select students to video connect with. Because the students are ready to go, teaching time is maximized. Caller Queue makes the connections with one click.

Features Include:

  • Branded Waiting Room – Students connect to a waiting room branded to match the educator and/or school. While waiting, they pre-register with their name, ID# and subject information.
  • Teacher Prioritization – Teachers view information about the waiting students. Prioritization tools permit filtering on name, subject, wait time.
  • Any Application – Students can call from any device and use applications already on the device. No downloads are needed.
  • Back to Queue – Students can be sent back to the Queue to finish an assignment, and recalled as desired.
  • Raise Hand – Students can raise their hands when they have a question or complete an assignment.
  • Optional Video – Students can watch an educational video while in the waiting room. This can be previous lectures or subject summaries.
  • Automated Metrics – Time spent with each student is automatically recorded and exportable by educator.
  • No Capital Outlay – Cloud based subscription model.


Grades 6-12, University, Continuing Education

  • Office Hours – Professors, teachers and TAs can support their students even when they are away from the campus.
  • Homework Help – One tutor can assist several students, giving them instruction, then moving on to a different student while the original student prepares the next assignment.
  • Distance Learning – Students in distance learning programs can have the same access to professors as those on campus, while providing efficiency for the educator.

Education modules are in Alpha test and we are partnering with educators now.

Contact: sales@TheVCC.TV