Manage Video Callers from any device without a download

The VCC offers caller management services across industries, but rooted in highly reliable capabilites established in Broadcast & New Media


The VCC manages video callers into health practices, efficiently using the professional's time and providing access for patients regardless of their device or application

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The VCC provides virtual office hours capabilities for professors and tutors enabling them to assist their students irrespective of location, while maximizing the Educator's time.

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Government & Legal

The VCC permits government agencies, law firms and call centers to actively route video callers to the correct expert or adminstrator, providing visual customer interactions.

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Is this your view of the future?

Video calls via smartphones will replace customer-related voice calls for business and institutions, just as they are replacing voice calls at a personal level.
This will improve productivity, as it improves communication.

The Video Call Center helps get to that future.

VCC promotes productivity by managing video callers to optimize the time of your professionals with the least friction for your customers or clients.

VCC routes video callers directly to the appropriate expert, or through your human coordinator.  Either way, your professionals don’t waste time because they know which callers are ready, right then, and can select the most appropriate caller to take next, based on information the caller has provided while connecting.

For marketing it means your rep and potential customer are right there right now, face-to-face, without messages or call backs.

And there is minimal friction for customers because VCC doesn’t require downloads and works equally well with iPhones and Android devices.  Just put a “click to video call” link into your web site, and your clients will be on their way to a face-to-face session, regardless of their device.

VCC provides the wrapper for the connection—presenting caller data, prioritizing, routing, and then starting the call itself, all with just a click or two by your professionals.


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